TDI Message entries from January 1, 1997 to April 30, 1997:

Lots of great info. I am anxiously waiting for the new TDI Golf here in the US. I really would love that Golf Synchro TDI Wagon, but we'll never see that in this part of the world. Too bad. Great web page. I'll be sure to check back!
Tony Badalamenti <>
holbrook, NY us - Sunday, January 05, 1997 at 18:18:15 (PST)  
Great page - very informative. Like yourself, I am waiting
for the TDI to touch down here in Canada - and yes, I want
the green one!

I currently own a '90 Golf Diesel, and an '81 Cabrio.

Thanks for the info, and keep up the excellent work!!

Thanks again,


Rob Maxwell <>
OTTAWA, ON CANADA - Tuesday, January 07, 1997 at 05:04:10 (PST)  

I too, await the premier of VW's Golf TDI GT in this country. With me, efficiency is king, handling paramount. Will the wait soon be over VW or must I look to MB for excitation?
*The Driver*

Chuck Lothrop <>
NASHUA, NH USA - Friday, January 10, 1997 at 05:50:42 (PST)  

I'm looking for a TDI Passat wagon in almost any color
except black. I can't believe how hard they are to find.
The dealers around here can find only 2 black wagons in a
500 mile radius. A ship is supposed to come in in about 2
weeks and may have a wagon on it but not for sure.
Any ideas on how to find a new wagon??
Jim Fiorentino <>
Rehoboth, MA USA - Tuesday, January 14, 1997 at 04:43:34 (PST)  
I used your link to the VW of America page to go there and give
them a piece of my mind regarding the continued delays on delivering
TDI's to the US market. I've had a '68 Bug, '71 Bug, '73 Squareback,
'88 Fox and '91 Jetta GL diesel. The Jetta has 165,000 miles and
is need of a replacement. A dealer near me recently told me
by e-mail that the Golf TDIs would indeed be delayed again. He
also mentioned 3 Passat TDIs on his lot, but said they were
asking list price for them due to the shortage of TDIs here.
So what they are saying is... We built up great expectations
with our TDI ads; we promised '96 delivery of Passats, Jettas
and Golfs; we delivered Passat TDIs; we are delaying Jetta TDIs
until summer and Golf TDIs until '98; and we are demanding top
price for the Passat TDIs on the lot! And VW of America wonders
why their market share is declining.
Darin Cox <>
Marysville, PA USA - Saturday, January 18, 1997 at 19:20:26 (PST)  
Great Web Page! This is the most information that I've found anywhere
on the TDI.
Just some added info-I have a request in with a local auto
dealer for a new Jetta TDI. He called me yesterday to let me know that
he was notified that the Jetta TDI should be going into production at
the end of February and I should see it around the end of March.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
Al Thomas <>
Pittsburgh, Pa USA - Tuesday, January 21, 1997 at 21:21:40 (PST)  
My father runs a 1996 Passat 1.9TDI and has put over 40000
miles on the clock and it is a great car - fast,
economical (we have had up to 60mpg) and is very
comfortable. A pity we can't get the TDI in a Polo!
Paul Measday <>
London, UK - Thursday, January 23, 1997 at 10:02:09 (PST)  
Thanks very much for the great info about the TDI
on your page. I own 2 VW's, a '78 1.6 Dasher wagon
(gasoline engine) with 155K miles and an '81 Jetta
1.6 diesel with at least 200K miles (the odometer is broken).
I want to buy a new TDI, and would really like the 5
cylinder TDI engine in the Passat, but currently it is not
available in the U.S. I'll be checking your page in the
future for updates!
Steve Dashkiewicz <>
South River, NJ USA - Thursday, January 23, 1997 at 12:41:26 (PST)  
I appreciate the information you've collected on the Jetta TDI - more comprehensive than any other infomation I've gotten on the topic (VW dealers are woefully short on information). Are you aware of what quality problems have caused the production delays?
Ben <>
Oakland, CA USA - Saturday, January 25, 1997 at 19:35:24 (PST)  
Interesting Site.

I have had a Jetta TDI on order since April 96 and am now told delivery will be May/June. I am considering waiting until the 98 Passat or 98 Jetta arrives if they have the 110 HP TDI. Does anybody know anymore on the North American Specs?
Current Car. 88 Jetta Turbo Diesel 275,000 KM
Grant Lindsay <>
Prince George, B.C. Canada - Sunday, January 26, 1997 at 12:11:16 (PST)  


"Volkswagen of America will launch the turbo diesel Jetta TDI this spring, but has not decided when or if to bring in the Golf TDI."

Please Volkswagen, bring in the European GOLF GT TDI. It is a market waiting to be tapped!

* The Driver *
Chuck Lothrop <>
Nashua, , NH ! USA ! - Monday, January 27, 1997 at 19:54:50 (PST)  

I know how you feel, waiting for the TDI. I have a deposit on the '98 Beetle and can only hope that the TDI will be available in it.

Kevin Roberts <>
Kanata, ON Canada - Tuesday, January 28, 1997 at 06:03:26 (PST)  

Have had my 1996 Passat TDI for 4 months now, 7300 miles. Lowest MPG has been 41.5 / Highest 45.6
Just a super car with plenty of power!

Jack Fleming <>
Northford, CT USA - Thursday, January 30, 1997 at 13:59:13 (PST)  

Took delivery of 97 TDI Passat. Currently 1250 miles. P-chip from Neuspeed won't fit the 97 and I assume VW has changed the ECU. Have placed Neuspeed tiebar-nice application. My question is - has any used additives in their fuel. The arctic grade fuel we get in Fairbanks is cut with jet turbine fuel and is very dry. Any help would be appreciated. Love the TDI, lots of room, and I hope the gas mileage will improve as its only getting 33mpg but it's also been -30F.
Jeff Duffield <>
Fairbanks, AK USA - Saturday, February 01, 1997 at 13:05:25 (PST)  
Great Web Page! You have more information here then all the dealers I have spoken with. The local dealer has 2 Passat TDI's in stock and says he is getting 5 more real soon. I test drove one of the cars and am very impressed.
I wish I knew when or if the 110 hp TDI will be coming to the U.S. Thanks again for a very interesting and informative WEB page. I'll be visiting often.
John Conley <>
Stephenson,, VA. U. S. A. - Saturday, February 01, 1997 at 18:49:35 (PST)  
do you know WHEN is the delivery fot the Jetta TDI 1997 (Canada) ???

is it the same engine in Jetta TDI and Passat TDI ??

Louis Hamel <>
Trois-Rivieres, Quebec Canada - Thursday, February 06, 1997 at 06:30:45 (PST)  

Looks great! Nice photo's. For a company that is suppose to be the #1 auto maker in the world, they sure seem to have more than their fair share of problems. I have always been a little disappointed with VW's marketing in the US. It seems like we are the dumping ground rather than a prime market for them. I have owned 81 Rabbit LS Diesel (just sold it with 199,000 miles and going strong!), 85 Jetta Diesel later refit with a Turbodiesel (parted out the car with 256,000 miles on it! Kept the engine & tranny for another car.) 1988 Jetta Carat bought demolished and used 85 parts to fix up. 1991 Jetta ECO Diesel. Nice car but needs a TDI in a bad way. Could this be done and where would I find an engine?
Tom Mil> 

Transfer interrupted!">>
Eastlake, OH USA - Saturday, February 08, 1997 at 12:47:38 (PST)  
Your experience with placing an advance order and then having to purchase a compromise vehicle (black GL TD in my case) sounded all too familiar. I'm surprised to hear of the more powerful European version TDI but notice that it is not available in the Jetta. Where can I get more info on the A4 body style. This is also news to me. Does this mean that the 93-97 Jetta is about to be upgraded. Four years seems a short life for a VW model.
Murray LeGrow <>
Aylesford, NS Canada - Sunday, February 09, 1997 at 17:21:13 (PST)  
TDI is the best. Heard it's gonna be released fall '97.
I'm a Rabbit/Diesel driver and I can't wait to get some
power AND fuel efficiency out of te TDI.
Definitely the best thing that has happened to cars lately.
Go VW!
Just one idea... Corrado TDI (140Hp) - the dream machine...

Slaven Karalic <>
North Vancouver, BC Canada - Thursday, February 13, 1997 at 13:15:15 (PST)  

Back in December of 1995 my wifes parents had normal Golf diesel, due to the fact that they didn't have TDI yet. Her parent's were very interested at the time for this car that could had more power less noise and more economical. Unfortunatly he had the left with their new Golf back to their Country. The man left thinking if I had waited a little longer maybe I could of gotten the so called TDI.

Know it's my turn, and I was thinking TDI, not a problem. Yah... Think again! I haven't really visited any dealers yet. But I would love to bring a new Jetta TDI to the front porch of my father.

Carlos Ferreira <>
Mississauga, Ontario Canada - Saturday, February 15, 1997 at 04:47:27 (PST)  

I must congratulate you on a informative page but I have a few questions regarding the Volkswagen TDI engine. I have a 1982 diesel golf with the 1.6 engine is the TDI engine based upon the same engine block. The reason that I am asking is that I am playing with the idea of fitting the 110hp engine into a mark one golf. If anyone can give me any information I would be very grateful.
Ian Burborough
Nottingham, NG7 4FZ England - Monday, February 17, 1997 at 01:55:04 (PST)  
I wrote to Volkswagen AG in Wolfsburg, Germany and told them I was unable to obtain any information on the date that I could expect to be able to find a Jetta or Golf with the TDI engine in my local VW showroom. This is the answer I received.

Dear Mr. Hearn,

We regret to learn that you are already waiting for a long time for the release of the Golf and Jetta with the TDI engine. We are sorry that-due to various reasons-these models have not yet been introduced on the

No doubt, we can well understand your disappointment about this delay and can only hope that you have patience. We truly regret that we cannot give you a more favorable reply at present.

The introduction of new models is planned by the respective Importer or subsidiary. They have all informations regarding versions and equipment.

As all sales and service matters concerning Volkswagen in the United States are being dealt with by our subsidiary Volkswagen of America, Inc. 3800 Hamlin Road, Auburn Hills, Michigan 48326, and the volkswagen dealers, we kindly ask you to contact either your dealer or Volkswagen of America for any further questions you may have regarding the model programme offered in the United States.

Again, thank you for the interest you show in our make.

Yours sincerely,

Klaus Chojnacki

Seems like even headquarters is in the dark on this matter!!
James Hearn <>
Napa, ca usa - Monday, February 17, 1997 at 21:48:30 (PST)  

To all prospective TDI customers, please read.
I recently purchased a 1996 Passat TDI, and traded in my 1991 Jetta diesel to take advantage of the new engine's obvious improvements. Yes, the new motor has unbelievable horse-power and torque, and for the first 12,000 miles the fuel economy surpassed the numbers that my past two diesels generated. Unfortunately, the car has become increasingly problem-ridden at around the 15,000-mile mark, and I'm beginning to think that VW has sacrificed the reliability and durability of the diesel--as well as selling Audis under the Volkswagen brand name.

The electronic control module (ECM) has gone out twice, and the fuel injection system fails intermittently. The highest level of VW technical service has checked the car out thoroughly, and has basically admitted that the problems cannot be traced to any specific problems. In response to my problems, VW has offered me a new Passat TDI-- but I have to pay $2,300 for the priviledge.

I am still negotiating the terms of replacing the car, and I will keep everyone posted. In the meantime, please e-mail me with similar problems or experiences with TDI-equipped vehicles.

Alan Napier <>
Portage, IN USA - Saturday, February 22, 1997 at 13:20:12 (PST)  

Still waiting ...............
Andrew Miller <>
Newark, DE USA - Sunday, February 23, 1997 at 13:38:38 (PST)  
Good car. Great fuel economy. I got my 96 Passat TDI sedan back in April '96. I have almost 26,000 TROUBLE-FREE miles on it. I do not follow VW's recommended maintenance interval. I change the oil every 3750 miles (half of VeeDub's recommendation). So far, the worst MPG is 38, and the best is 52.

This web site is very informative. You did a very good job.
Michael C. Lalo <>
Union, NJ U.S.A. - Monday, February 24, 1997 at 10:27:27 (PST)  

I too had held out for a Jetta TDI but got anxious and bought a Passat TDI in January 1996. This was the first TDI the dealer had received. It is "storm gray" with a moonroof and all the standard power accessories. I now have about 28,000 miles on the car. My best mileage so far has been 50mpg and the worst is 37mpg. Usually, I get about 42-43mpg combined city and highway. It tops out at 112mph on flat ground though I've had it to 117mph downhill. So far, I am pleased with the car, though it smokes more now than when it was new. Perhaps this will be corrected with its 30,000 mile service.
Ken Sovey <>
Portland, Oregon USA - Tuesday, February 25, 1997 at 12:25:44 (PST)  
Well done page. Looks nice, but would like some substance in the "technical info" page. A couple questions on my mind: what are the max. exhaust gas temps on the stock VW TDI. Also what is that weird looking tube snaking down from the intake manifold underneath the blow-off valve. Some sort of emissions device to blow fresh air to the cat? Also is there any more info available on the 110 hp TDI's "variable A/R" turbo. Why I'm requesting info why not throw in the turbo's A/R of the 90 hp TDI.

Anyways if any of you need some more web browsing material on VW Turbo-Diesels, my GTD page is at:

- Jake
'81 VW Rabbit GTD
(Wishing TDI engines were more available out of wrecking yards :-)
Jake Russell <>
Seattle, WA USA - Tuesday, February 25, 1997 at 22:44:37 (PST)  

Last week, on a local radio talk show (toronto), the head of the automobile protective agency was a guest and someone called in about the TDI. His responce was to stay clear, unless VW come up with an extended power train waranty. His reason was that in Canada, diesel fuel was changed a few years ago to reduce emissions. Since then, VW has had major problems with the reliability of the existing diesel engine. He recomended buying an older diesel, I think he said '92 or wait until the problems have been rectified.

Does his comments have any validity?

Mark Irwin <>
Aurora, Ontario Canada - Wednesday, March 05, 1997 at 08:21:06 (PST)  

I own a 1996 Passat TDI station wagon on which I have put about 2500 miles of which 2000 ae open road, hills, 80 MPH+ driving. Passing capability on hills in fifth gear is awsome, Must be experienced to be believed. I measured an honest 40 MPG at a constant speed of 80 MPH. Also unbelievable until YOU do it. No wonder no one will write it up in a automotive Mag. TDI has NO competition!
Walt Trask <>
Pasco, WA USA - Friday, March 07, 1997 at 15:43:32 (PST)  
We own a 96 Passat sedan TDI
19K+ miles averaging 40 mpg winter driving, 44 mpg summer Have observed more than,we think,normal blue-white smoke This being observed with engine up to temp. highway speed 70 mph let off on it and see smoke trail behind you. Dealer can't find anything wrong. any comments regards this would be appreciated .
thanks. Bob
Bob Hufstader <>
Canterbury, NH USA - Saturday, March 08, 1997 at 08:05:31 (PST)  
I just purchased a new Passat TDI and I am on love with it so far. From everything I have read it is the car for my wife and me.
Diego Delgado <>
Sacramento, CA USA - Saturday, March 08, 1997 at 16:08:02 (PST)  
Reports of the Passat TDI have been very good. I may replace my 1991 Jetta diesel with a 1997 Jetta TDI (A3) when they arrive in summer or wait for a 1998 with the A4 chasis.
Jeff Price <>
Middleburry, IN USA - Monday, March 10, 1997 at 09:30:17 (PST)  
I have had a Passat TDI for 3 mths and have enjoyed the performance and handeling. I have 4000 miles on it and have averaged 42.5 miles/gallon. I have had one major problem. At 4-5 am. on subfreezing mornings. The Second fuse from the right would blow and the alarm would sound. The car was just sitting in the driveway. The circuit that blew has the power locks, gagues, interior lights, and cigarette lighter on it. When the fuse was replaced, it would immediately blow again. Later in the day when it warmed up outside, a new fuse would hold and the car would function normally until the next freezing day. This has happened 4 times. The dealer has replaced the alarm ECM which did not fix the problem. After 2 weeks in the shop, they claim they found the problem. The rear interior light was grounding to the frame and causing the short. My question is if this was the case, why did the circuit not blow when I was driving the car, and only when it was sitting still, not being vibrated by the road??? Has anyone else had this problem as well. Drop me a line.

Bob Flowers
Frustrated VW owner.
bob flowers <>
tulsa, ok usa - Tuesday, March 11, 1997 at 07:40:55 (PST)  

I've been waiting to get my tdi for the same length of time as you. If my dealer gives me notice that its going to be postponed again, Im going to lose my mind, and probably buy
a jetta 1.6 td in the meantime!

Walter Cianciusi <>
Newmarket, Ontario Canada - Tuesday, March 11, 1997 at 15:27:16 (PST)  

Got one Golf TDI Edition (with 110 PS) and I must say that it is really a great car! In the city you leave many cars with more power behind
you (up to 70 km/h)

Proud to have one ...
Armin Schreger <>
Vienna, Vienna Austria - Friday, March 14, 1997 at 06:24:54 (PST)  

What is the difference between the 90hp and the 110hp TDI??
I would appreciate any information.

bob flowers <>
tulsa, OK usa - Wednesday, March 19, 1997 at 14:48:11 (PST)  

None yet. Will receive my Passat TDI on 3/24/97. I am very anxious and excited!!! I look forward to
sharing my experiences both good and bad with other TDI owners.

Arthur J. Brestlin <>
Staten Island, New York USA - Wednesday, March 19, 1997 at 17:16:16 (PST)  

As a young family with three kids (12,10 &5) We have needed to upgrade cars. I have given lots of thought and analysis to this (for us)
major decision. I am convinced that the VW TDI option is one to give serious thought to. We might want to go with a Passat Wagon.
However as you found Fred the scarcity is a major problem. I called University VW in Seattle today. They did a search in the whole of the US in the Western half of the US there were 4 Passat TDI Wagons. (Costing about $21,000US)
This seems to me a very expensive option taking into account exchange, ?duty, shipping ...etc So I guess we just have to wait. In fact we got a Nissan Axxess to tide us over.
Hope you're enjoying your black Golf!
Peter Biggs <>
New Westminster, BC Canada - Thursday, March 20, 1997 at 23:19:36 (PST)  
Just got my 1997 Passat TDI sedan yesterday-the most
beautiful silver!! I also have a 1989 Jetta diesel with 152,000 miles-no problems. I'm anxious to see what kind
of mpg's I get with this. Wanted a wagon-NA. Love everything so far.
Great page! -it's part of what convinced me to go into debt.

Louanne Courtright <>
Greenville, MI USA - Saturday, March 22, 1997 at 14:58:22 (PST)  

ATTN: Did I buy a lemon?

I recently purchased a brand new 1996 Passat TDI wagon, and have driven 5,100 with no problems and really loved the car! However, last week I experienced a major problem with my car. Apparently,the VW service dept claims they found water and sludge in the fuel tank therby causing damage to my vehicle. Instead of standing behind their product, VW took the low road and claims it's ultimately my fault and it's not covered under the new car warranty! What kind of bull is this? I'm pissed off and have filed complaints against VW, diesel fuel supplier (Texaco) and have submitted claim under consumer fraud-NY State Lemon Law Bill of Rights. Has any 1996 Passat TDI wagon customer had similar problems with potential contaminated diesel fuel causing damage to their car? If so, please contact me via email at
Does anybody know if the fuel in Europe and Canada is higher quality than USA? Does my car have a water separater filter? If so, is there an indicator lamp or guage in the cockpit that warns me? Other diesel fuel manufacturer's, Ford's new diesel truck, has this diesel fuel water contamination guage?
Please help!


Florian Menninger

florian menninger <>
new city , ny usa - Monday, March 24, 1997 at 13:05:50 (PST)  

TDI is here!
Just talked to my dealer a few days ago and he said TDI
TDI Golfs and Jetta's are going to be here in 2-3 weeks!
The long wait is over. Now all I have to do is find $20,000
I hope my dealer wasn't lying :)

Is there any chance of imporing a TDI Golf GT (110hp)from
Germany? Do they have any Syncro models of the TDI Golf?

I'm expecting to see some TDI's on the street soon...
Slaven Karalic <>
North Vancouver, BC Canada - Tuesday, March 25, 1997 at 12:45:25 (PST)  

Fantastic Page! Thanks for the service!!
My own VW experience has been dismal as of late.

Purchased new 92 Jetta Ecodiesel in June of 92. Everything was
fine until the warranty ran out.
1) AC bracket broke at 34,000 miles...fixed under warranty
2) AC bracket breaks again at 50,000 miles...VW says tough luck
(purchased junk AC for $120)
3) AC works for 2 months. Purchase new AC from dealer
4) New air conditioner breaks 12,000 miles later, fortunately
the dealer squeezes it under warranty
5) Alternator breaks at 64,000 miles
6) Front bumper falls off while cruising at 80 mph at 66,000 miles
7) Water pump goes out at 73,000 miles. Dealer replaced timing belt
at the same time.
8) Front bumper falls off again at 78,000 miles.
9) Clutch goes out at 83,000 miles
10)Car sold at 86,000 miles...distinctly heard a loud rapping noise
coming from under the engine as the new owner drove away.
I refuse to return his phone calls. Let him deal with VOA!

After all that...I can't wait for my new Passat TDI Wagon to
get here.
Bob Blencowe <>
Columbia, SC USA - Wednesday, March 26, 1997 at 07:46:01 (PST)  


Greetings from Finland.

Thanks for a great page, not many have strories & pictures of TDIs

Me myself have a VW Passat TDI -96 model, it's the best buy

that I've made ever.

Markku Roponen <>
Helsinki, FINLAND - Thursday, March 27, 1997 at 03:39:59 (PST)  

As I said in my first comment, I would be back here to tell you of my experiences both good and bad. I picked up my new '97 TDI on 3/26/97. I love driving it!! So far, that's all the good. When I arrived home and began reading the manuals, I discovered that the radio manual did not contain the serial # or the code for the head unit. What do I do now??? The dealer says he doesn't have it either. Today as the odometer turned 403 miles the "check engine light" turned on. Needless to say, i am less than thrilled with my long awaited aquisition. Any help or comments would be appreciated
Arthur Brestlin <>
Staten Island, NY USA - Wednesday, April 02, 1997 at 19:12:42 (PST)  
I'm interested in long term experience with the TDI (ie over 20k) as some of the comments that have been appearing are beginning to cast a dark cloud over the reliabilty of this engine in NA. A friend in the service department of a local VW dealership mentioned that there are problems with the turbo unit that lead to smoking and loss of performance. Can anyone echo that experience? Also, should we be concerned that the Jetta are Mexican built?

Brian Cherry <>
Scarborough, ON Canada - Friday, April 04, 1997 at 09:00:49 (PST)  

cool page
I'm an aspiring auto designer and am currently
using vw's tdi engine in a project
David Erdner <>
bridgeport, ct usa - Friday, April 04, 1997 at 19:56:25 (PST)  
Our brand new Passat TDI sedan has been working out great!
My wife, who was at first quite skeptical, now wants to buy a Jetta TDI to replace her '87 Hond Civic, as soon as they become available in the US. We are told we don't have to worry that the Jettas will be "hechto en Mexico", but we are extremely wary about this situation. In Texas, we have a lot of access to Mexican made goods and have noted the poor quality in virtually everything made there. We hope Volkswagen will demand unusually strict quality controls to maintain its reputation.
Jim Anderson <>
Austin, TX USA - Monday, April 07, 1997 at 10:54:30 (PDT)  
To all:
Returnrd my '97 Passat TDI to the dealer on thursday evening with the reported two problems. Picked up same on saturday AM. Pleased to announce the following:
By pulling the radio head unit, they were able to retrieve both the serial number and the security code from VWoA. The on board diagnostic system warned of a problem with the EGR valve which upon inspection, showed partial blockage with metal particles. The valve was replaced and the "check engine light" went out. Put 310 miles on over the weekend with good performance and no problems!!!
Arthur Brestlin <>
Staten Island , NY USA - Monday, April 07, 1997 at 15:09:33 (PDT)  
I like your VW page.
I am the lucky driver of a Golf TDI since March 26. Up to now very pleased with it.

Check this site

Frits de Groot <`>
Delft, ZH Netherlands - Tuesday, April 08, 1997 at 09:11:05 (PDT)  

To all:
It's been two weeks since picking up and returning and picking up again my new TDI. It appears to be running smoother and somewhat more responsive than prior to replacing the malfunctioning EGR valve!
While at the dealership, my salesman told me that he would now have great difficulty in locating another TDI of any description. He says that Passat wagons are now unavailable on the east coast and sedans are very rare indeed. So much so, that other dealers are unwilling to make swaps! Maybe he was trying to lift my spirits after my initial dissapointment. Just passing it along
Arthur Brestlin <>
Staten Island, NY USA - Tuesday, April 08, 1997 at 14:45:58 (PDT)  
I test drove a Passat TDI here in Dallas yesterday. I was quite surprise by the power and feel of the car. The dealer indicated that he was to receive 4 more TDIs. He said that Volkswagen is to take out a selected group of dealers to Arizona this July or August for a test run on the new Passat. A dealer in San Antonio indicated that he was to receive 4 TDIs also.
Regis Mackrell <>
Boerne, Texas USA - Wednesday, April 09, 1997 at 07:55:36 (PDT)  
I have been driving a '96 Passat TDI since 5/96. No problems and great mileage (45-47mpg). I have 30k miles and am starting to see blue smoke when changing gears. Should I be worried...I hope not, this is my first VW after ten years of staying away from the brand. If you have any info on the "blue smoke" problem, please E-mail me.
Brian Tallmadge <>
Sturgis, MI USA - Wednesday, April 09, 1997 at 18:49:35 (PDT)  
Thanks for deciphering metrics for us Americans!! We just bought, but have not yet picked up, a Passat TDI Sedan. I'm drooling at the anticapted fuel efficiency and minimal maintenence. So much so, that I'm hoping the TDI will we available in the USA Cabrio when I'm ready to get it in 2 yrs. You really love VW, hey?!
Mari D'Anne & Max Geffon <>
The Woodlands, TX USA - Wednesday, April 09, 1997 at 20:48:50 (PDT)  
To all who are observing excessive smoke from their TDI's:

Check out the Diesel tech tips page at

They have tips on black and white smoke.

Let us know if you solve the problem

Glenn "no tdi yet" Griffin
Glenn Griffin <>
Germantown, MD USA - Friday, April 11, 1997 at 06:01:40 (PDT)  

I have been waiting for tdi golf dealers just keep saying soon for last year or so so to hold me off for awhile I bought a 73 tii 2002 bmw nice car but still want one of those tdi for my daily driver

James Peracca <>
Petaluma, Ca. us - Sunday, April 13, 1997 at 07:55:52 (PDT)  

After evaluating virtually all of the "sport sedans" available in the USA, I decided on the Passat TDI. I prefer it even to the BMW 318i. It has best combination of performance, safety, and efficiency that I have seen. I fell in love with the car the first time I drove one. I have my Passat TDI for two weeks now and still find myself taking the long way home. Thanks for the interesting TDI page.
Rich Strack <>
Stroudsburg, PA USA - Wednesday, April 16, 1997 at 20:27:29 (PDT)  
I want to buy a VW Golf TDI so if you got one mail me.
Sara Almen <>
Vetlanda, Sweden - Friday, April 18, 1997 at 04:52:43 (PDT)  
I have seen your TDI Homepage and just want to send you some Informations!
Some Facts at your European Special TDI Vehicles - Side are not correct or missing.

A6 2.5TDI
Compression Rate 20,0:1

Golf 1.9 TDI (110hp)
Consumption rate l/100km (90/120/city)
3,9/5,2/5,4 (5.Manual)

Golf 1.9 TDI (90hp)
Consumption rate l/100km (90/120/city)

Passat 1.9 TDI (90hp)
Consumption rate l/100km (90/120/city)

OK thats it!

Have you heard something about an racing Golf TDI (1.9
TDI 170hp 300Nm)from VW in Germany ?

It was nice to have a look at your TDI-Page!
Maybe I find some new Informations for you the next
Thomas Gann <>
Böblingen, Germany - Saturday, April 19, 1997 at 10:47:20 (PDT)  

Look at this page.......... (only in swedish).

Your page is very nice, lots of good stuff. I have a Passat
Wagon -95 80000 km and it´s perfect.....
Södertäljr, Sweden - Sunday, April 20, 1997 at 00:04:52 (PDT)  

Also waiting for the Golf TDI : |

Victor <>
New York, - Sunday, April 20, 1997 at 13:48:03 (PDT)  

Looking real hard at one. Hope to find more info here to help decision.
Paul Johnson <>
Dallas, Tx US - Sunday, April 20, 1997 at 18:30:02 (PDT)  
How may I buy one?
alex caltabiano <>
- Sunday, April 20, 1997 at 22:34:16 (PDT)  
To all:
My Passat TDI now has 1160 miles on the odometer and I am pleased to report that all is well. There has been no reoccurance of the "check engine" light and the performance has been flawless and impressive! I have not yet clocked exact mileage figures since I have not yet filled the tank. I have been waiting for the sweeter (unwinterized) diesel to be available in my area. I hear May 1st is the date to expect it. Does anyone know if VWoA offers a factory fog light kit for Passats not equipped with same? Would appreciate hearing from anyone with that info. This is a great page; Lets share our ideas!!

Arthur Brestlin <>
Staten Island, NY USA - Monday, April 21, 1997 at 17:08:34 (PDT)  

can I buy one through Canada? How do I do it?

alex caltabiano <>
long beach, CA usa - Monday, April 21, 1997 at 20:09:26 (PDT)  

I've been told that the Jetta TDIs are in production finally but that the Golfs are on hold. It seems that the Golfs are not a good money maker. The only good thing about waiting for the release of the Jetta is that I have been able to accumulate more discount credit on my MBNA "VW" VISA towards the purchase of a new Jetta when they finally do arrive. I was disappointed to hear that the option of electric windows is not available on the TDI Jetta, they are really handy on the tollway. I also heard that the TDI Jetta was held up because of a vibration problem that could be felt through the steering wheel.

My compliments on the excellent job on your TDI Page.
Jim Zahn <>
Kenosha, WI USA - Tuesday, April 22, 1997 at 20:52:52 (PDT)  

i think it's great,but you could give more pictures
nenad krstic <knenad@eunet.yu>
novi sad, yu yu - Thursday, April 24, 1997 at 04:58:23 (PDT)  
I bought a gasoline Passat in March. My local dealer said then that there would be no TDI Jetta's or Golf's imported to the United States because their structure could not be made as solid as the larger Passat vehicles.

I fear that will be the end of the TDI line for the USA.
Harold Hebert
Fort Worth, TX USA - Thursday, April 24, 1997 at 07:30:08 (PDT)  


Harold Herbert of Fortworth, Tx.


Your VW salesman is full of it and obviously has 0 knowledge of his own product line. VW has been producting the Jetta TDI for almost three years know in Germany, known there as the Vento.  TDI models made in Mexico are arriving here in the U.S. as we speak. And given the success of the Passat TDI, I don't foresee VW droping this line in the U.S. anytime soon.

96 Passat TDI
26K on it..

Kirk Tennant <>
Merrimack, N.H. U.S.A. - Thursday, April 24, 1997 at 13:05:43 (PDT)  

Now have 700 miles on 97 TDI Black Metallic/factory leather/sunroof/cd etc-- even fully loaded absolutely the best value for the dollar out there--great fun to drive and gobs of room. Like the 45 miles/gallon on first refill of fuel last night. Zero defects til I screwed up the trunk locks this afternoon (don't push and turn at the same time, even with guaranteed mobility.....) So far its great My first VW and my first diesel--talk about taking the plunge. Its incredibly fun to drive though, a real blast, and its great not seeing yourself coming and going (I travel a lot through the northwest and I've seen only two or three other TDI's in the past couple of months). Awesome technology!
Mark Zadworny <>
Kirkland, WA USA - Thursday, April 24, 1997 at 16:35:04 (PDT)  
To Bob Grant and all other responders:
Thank you for your comments and ideas; I am, however,dissapointed to announce that today with 1193 miles on the odometer that the "check engine" light is once again illuminated. This is very frustrating!! What am I to do? The video which the dealer provides says not to worry it is only anindication of an emission problem. Who wants emission problems? TDI's are supposed to run cleaner than gasoline counterparts!! Should I ignore the light and hope that it goes out? My dealer is fourty minutes and seven toll dollars away; it is inconvenient at the very least!!
Any and all comments greatly appreciated. The car is a joy to drive and a thrill to own. I am perplexed!!

Arthur Brestlin <>
Staten Island, NY USA - Monday, April 28, 1997 at 15:14:49 (PDT)  

Love my 97 Passat sedan, but I wish it would make smoke out the back like my 84 Jetta did!

It used to be that driving a diesel meant you thumbed your nose at people who passed you because you were getting twice their mileage at less cost per gallon. Now you can thumb your nose at everyone and pass them too!

Good page, Fred. Maybe more technical stuff?
Jack Kaiser <>
Norristown, PA USA - Monday, April 28, 1997 at 16:23:08 (PDT)  

Here is an update on my TDI experience. I bought mine in January, 1996 and now have 29,000 miles. On March 1, 1997 I was rearended by a 1977 GMC pickup truck. The resulting damage cost $6,200 to repair. (State Farm paid. They were very cooperative.)After 6 weeks I got the car back. The
trunk doesn't line up; it sits about 1/8" higher than the rear quarter panels. I am still waiting for a new trunk latch, a "PASSAT TDI" emblem and some miscellaneous trim pieces which were overlooked in the repairs. The driver's seat now wiggles. I have taken it out and tried to fix it myself, to no avail. After the crash, I found myself reclined at 45 degrees and the headrest collapsed. BE WARNED, you will suffer whiplash if rearended at any moderate speed. Luckily, I recovered, but was in was in notable pain for 3-4 days which subsided after 3-4 weeks. Other than this unfortunate experience, I have
had no mechanical problems with this car. I use Chevron Delo 400 15W-40 oil (suitable for western Oregon) and wonder what others are using. Would there be any benefit to using a synthetic? I plan to drive it till it drops.

Ken S. <>
Portland, OR USA - Monday, April 28, 1997 at 18:33:48 (PDT)  

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