TDI message entries from September 1, 1996 to December 31, 1996:

Thanks for info, drove a tdi in april just plan unreal
Robert L. Brammer 111 <bbram123>
Wheeling, WV USA - Tuesday, September 10, 1996 at 19:39:01 (PDT) 
Really great page. Just took delivery of a Passat TDI Wagon six days and about 450 miles ago. Well worth the very long wait. Still getting to know it, but it is FUN.
Brad Zuke <>
Lake Oswego, Oregon U.S.A. - Tuesday, September 17, 1996 at 23:06:09 (PDT) 
Cool page. TDI is the best. (nothing more to say)
Slaven Karalic <>
Burnaby, BC Canada - Friday, September 20, 1996 at 16:51:26 (PDT) 
Very god information, we all love Golf Diesel,
Father have a Golf Variant TDI 1996
i have a Golf II GDT 1988
Mother Golf I GLD 1982
Sister Golf I GLD 1981
My brother are looking at a Van TDI, he have a Volvo 855.
best.. from Erik Husberg and family.
Erik Husberg <>
sa, Sweden - Monday, September 23, 1996 at 04:22:50 (PDT) 
83 Rabbit diesel-the best car I ever owned. 291,000 miles and still going strong. Looking to buy a Golf TDI, this technology sounds almost too good to be true. Thanks for the great web page!!
Mike Belknap <>
Broad Run, VA USA - Monday, September 30, 1996 at 01:02:54 (PDT) 
Thank you much for the informative web page. Having owned a diesel Rabbit with 300,000 miles, I am interested in another diesel. However, this time it must be an automatic. A Passat TDI automatic would be perfect but I would settle for a Jetta TDI automatic. I guess I will either have to wait or buy another Saturn.
James Giannopoulos <>
Clements, CA USA - Thursday, October 03, 1996 at 21:14:23 (PDT) 
Ive been driving a Golf GT TDI for 2.5 years and Im quite satisfied about this car. Found your TDI-page very interesting!
My Golf GT TDI was delivered in April 1994, and it has taken me safely to a total distance of 40000 kms by now. The average in fuel consumption is a little less than 6 liters for 100 kms, that means 40 miles per US-gallon. And because there's no general speed limit on German highways, I usually drive quite fast. I think that's a great fuel efficiency for non-economic driving! By the way, my personal speed record was 205 kms per hour.
Apart from minor difficulties within the first couple of weeks, which were solved by the VW dealer free of charge, I had no problems with this car. According to the VW manual, the car must have maintainnance every 15000 kms, and that's it.
In Germany, maintainnance at VW workshops is cheap in comparision to Japanese car, for example. I've had a Honda Civic 1.5i before and I had to pay about 75% more for more frequent pit stops. And Diesel fuel is much cheaper than regular unleaded over here, so my car really saves money - since I 've got it, of course, for VW or other domestic cars are more expensive than import cars of the same class and size. The only disadvantage is the German car tax which is extremly higher on Diesel cars, but that's nothing VW is to blame for. But the money you spend on this tax is less than the mony you save on Diesel prices and reduced fuel consumption.
When the car was new, many of my friends were quite surprised when I told them that there were actually driven in a Diesel powered car. I think the TDI engine combines the agility of a "normal" engine with the endurance and economy that Diesel cars are known for.
To cut a long story short: My Golf TDI is the best car I ever had. The GT version makes the car more sportive, but that's not the point. I'm sure I'll stick to TDIs for the next couple of years, to my mind there's no better engine available.
My dream car is the new Audi A3 with the more sophisticated 110 hp TDI engine. But this is unlikely to turn into reality, just watch the price list ...

Christian Hoischen <>
Everswinkel, Germany - Sunday, October 06, 1996 at 03:46:07 (PDT) 

You have put together a nice page. I found information here that has helped me and has slowed me down. I wnat the passat wagon but now find out there is a golf TDI wagon. it probably won't come to america so I will get the passat. Thanks again for your page.
Rick Moore <>
Frederick, MD USA - Sunday, October 06, 1996 at 18:09:30 (PDT) 
Interesting to read about this TDI engine. In Sweden, where I live, diesel cars are very rare. Because off the environmental effect off the nitrogenoxide- gas in the dieselexhausts we have to pay a punishment-tax (about 500-700 dollar/year depending on car size) for driving a diesel-car newer than 1993 model. But dieselfuel is cheap and this VW-TDI seems to be stingy with fuel so if you drive a lot..... And if you do not, why should not a diesel be worth a bit more money to drive? Real men smells diesel........and women smells fish..... and they are not, sorry.
Bjorn Berglund <>
Uppsala, Sweden - Tuesday, October 15, 1996 at 14:20:13 (PDT) 
Your page is a godsend!
I've been pestering VW dealers for more than a year. Now I can just check on your great page! I would love to see more TDI owner reports from Europe. I am also curious on reliability reports on the Golf/Jetta (III) that are not TDI. My diesel experience was a M-B 300D I had for seven years. Keep up the great work.
Chris Ralph <>
New Orleans, USofA - Wednesday, October 16, 1996 at 14:43:28 (PDT) 
Recently bought a Passat TDI. Hate to admit it but I traded in my 1994 Corvette on it. Actually quite fun to drive and my WORST tank has been 41.5 mpg (US). That gives almost almost a range of 700 miles or 1100Km per tank. My best tank has been 53 mpg. That is amazing considering when I'm on the highway I cruise at about 80 mph or 130KmH. The acceleration as improved greatly with time. It now clocks 0-100 KmH in 11.2 seconds. That is with a very gentle launch on takeoff.
I like the car so much I am going to buy a wagon to complement my sedan. I can't see buying the Golf or Jetta since the performance improvement doesn't seem to be that great and the Passat has tons of room. I was going to wait for the Golf but after driving the Passat I had to get one now.
I had the original Rabbit (Golf) diesel in 1977. I hope this one lasts as long as the Mercedes 300SD I bought in 1980. I put over 497,000 miles in and was still driving it till last year (1995) when someone stole it . It was on its original turbo engine, transmission but second differential.
Tim McCracken <>
Atlanta, GA USA - Wednesday, October 16, 1996 at 17:33:01 (PDT) 
Have a 96 Passat Wagon. Got it on 5.16.96, it already has 13000 miles on it. Overall mileage about 41. Expect better mileage now that cooler weather is here. Want to get a Jetta TDI for myself, Passat is the wife's car. What is the holdup on the Jettas?
Richard Coffman <>
Everett, WA USA - Tuesday, October 22, 1996 at 15:09:00 (PDT) 
I am a first timer with diesel. My first car was a 1988 jetta gli. With the 16 vavles and dual over head cam and red lining at about 6500rpm it was fast. When I first looked at the 1996 passat tdi I questioned it's power. With only red lining at 4700rpm how fast could those longed stroked pistons run. That question was easily answered by a simple question,"Would you like to take it for a spin?" After the first test drive I was sold. I went back to the dealer the next day and picked her up. I have owned my passat tdi for about four month. I am in love with this car. The gas mileage is unreal, 38-40 city and 48-50 highway!!! With the swirl ports and turbo charger is has plenty of "get up and go" for me. I love my passat tdi and plan on keeping her for a long time. The tdi page was wonderfuly designed and plenty of information was given. Thanks!!!
ARLINGTON HTS, IL USA - Tuesday, October 22, 1996 at 18:34:13 (PDT) 
Great site!
Drove the Passat Wagon TDI last week - amazing!
Hope to get a Jetta TDI in a few years once my current '85 gets tired. Now at 360K & still running strong!
Shawn Wright <>
Shawnigan Lake, BC Canada - Sunday, November 03, 1996 at 15:27:58 (PST) 
What can I tell you Fred. The last Diesel I owned was a 1983 Audi 5000 Turbo Diesel. It was a great car, but its technology is archaic when put next to the TDI. I was one of the fortunate people who bought a Passat TDI as soon as they came off the boat from the fatherland.
It has been nothing less than Awesome! Great power, acceleration, and unbelievable gas mileage. I have been consistantly averaging 50 MPG with the Passat! Not exactly a small car. This is in very mixed driving. I can't wait to see how the golfs perform.
It is also very easy to work on if you like to do that. Most component are very accesible although the ignition system is a little more complex than past diesels.
Have you heard how these are selling in the U.S.A. From most of the dealer I talk with Sales have been brisk.

good luck

Nate Tennant

Nathan Tennant <>
Nashua, N.H. U.S.A. - Monday, November 04, 1996 at 09:58:34 (PST) 

Can't wait for the golf tdi. I look for a good car and I fallow the golf tdi since it was annonce last year. Thank you for your page.
Erick-S Lory <>
Montreal, PQ Canada - Thursday, November 07, 1996 at 04:35:46 (PST)  
have driven all versions of tdi//cant wait for usa version jetta or golf//any price information released???

G. Flood <>
oak park, mi usa - Friday, November 08, 1996 at 09:15:31 (PST)  

I have an '84 Jetta diesel that I love. Would like to buy the new jetta tdi but am getting impatient with dealers. I called VW the other day and was told it will be in showrooms in late January, early February. Can anyone confirm/deny this report?
Dan Van Luvender <>
Stanhope, NJ US - Wednesday, November 13, 1996 at 03:10:53 (PST)  

I'm am the owner of a VW GOLF III GT TDI (110 BHP) I'm convinced that you can have as much fun driving this car as can have with a VR6 model. Especially when you look at the figures ! It can drive real fast (200 KM/H) and it consumes half of what a VR6 model does....
SO what else does one need ?????

Steven Temmerman <>
Kap. O/D Bos, Brabant Belgium - Wednesday, November 13, 1996 at 16:18:09 (PST)  

Just bought a new '96 Passat wagon. Love the ride and the fuel consumption is better than 45 mpg. Look forward to talking to other TDI owners.

Robert J. Summerhill <>
Edgewood, new mex. u.s.a - Sunday, November 17, 1996 at 05:28:20 (PST)  

Anyone interested in Vanagon engine conversion into TDI? This modification will use the AUDI 5 Cyl. engine and it will fit the size of the Vanagon's engine compartment. But this conversion is a little bit difficult.
Helmut Zeidler <>
Dusseldorf, Germany - Thursday, November 28, 1996 at 09:41:35 (PST)  
Excellent car (Golf CL TDi 110hp), top speed iss 120mph+ with two people in the car. Accelerating up hills at 105 is easy.
Excellent web page, some of the pro's should take a look!

Matt Harris <>
UK - Thursday, November 28, 1996 at 16:49:59 (PST)  

I drove a passat wagon tonight, and will be purchasing the tdi in the future. The local dealer gave me a brochure with the U.S. specs on the car. Selling for $20,800. Your page is excellent.
FAIRFAX, VIRGINIA U.S.A. - Saturday, October 12, 1996 at 19:43:00 (PDT) 
1996 passat
Donald C. Hildesheim <>
Orlando, Fl.32804 - Sunday, October 13, 1996 at 16:43:52 (PDT) 
Hello, Over the last few years, I've had two 1982, yellow, diesel, vanagon campers. I am lucky enough to now be buying my 3rd. 1982, yellow, vanagon, diesel, camper. 70,000 miles, 1800 on a Canadian vw factory long block engine. What I am trying to find is "how to get more power". Turbocharging or supercharging the engine that's in it. Any other modifications I can do. Exchanging diesel for gas. New idea,( perhaps you can help) the DTI engine and installing it in the vanagon.... Any Ideas?
Best, Tom Conn
Tom Conn <>
Sandpoint, Idaho USA - Monday, October 14, 1996 at 18:51:43 (PDT) 
Have a 96 Passat wagon with TDI, love it. Overall mileage about 41. Better now with cooler weather and no a/c on.
Richard Coffman <>
Everett, WA USA - Tuesday, October 22, 1996 at 15:05:04 (PDT) 
For those people out there who are worried about the TDI's performance in the winter.
Well, don't worry. I live in one of the coldest climates in the U.S.A.. Unless it is -40 your TDI will start without a problem and if it is -40 your gas engine won't start either.

Nate Tennant <>
Nasua, NH USA - Monday, November 04, 1996 at 10:11:00 (PST) 

Thanks for the information. I've been driving VW diesels since 1982 and wouldn't own anything else. This new TDI is great news. I can finally move out of the 80s once it gets here. I've had three Rabbits with diesel engines, one turbo diesel Quantum, one turbo diesel Jetta and one diesel Jetta. I'm not sure I'm ready to spend $20k on a car though. However, this does give me something to start saving for.
Olga V. Maddox <>
McLean, VA USA - Friday, November 08, 1996 at 09:10:15 (PST)  
just came back from germany i've seen just about every model on tthe road sporting the tdi insignia, i find it hard to believe that the german car driver is not as finicky as their american drivers in their complaints to vw if there are any? i think that this issue maybe somewhat of a red herring if you want to really sell autos ,tdi, keep delaying the product to build up demand then a full blitzkrieg to the sales force and then to the drooling public . you asked for an opinion ortherwise keep up the good work!!
a k detwiller <>
emerald isle, n.c. 28594 - Tuesday, November 12, 1996 at 12:18:32 (PST)  
What an accomplishment! Thank you for finding, organizing, and publishing all of this online. Great work!
John Saporta <>
Bensenville, IL USA - Sunday, November 17, 1996 at 08:37:41 (PST)  
please watch out for cheapo diesel, i.e. 5 or 7 cents cheaper than at the major oil companies as the electronic fuel injection module is easily tricked by the low cetane levels and you will have a big time smoking problem.
howell williams <>
kirkland, que canada - Saturday, November 23, 1996 at 13:41:47 (PST)  
Great Page
Have test driven TDI twice, once to check out and a second time to see if I was dreaming. 97 Wagon on order/locate since I want black interior which I hope will look better after the 10 or 15 years I plan to keep this car. Dealer told me this could take several weeks or so. Anyone out there have a car with black interior? All TDI's I've seen so far have the beige interior.
Walter Phelps <>
Merrimack, NH USA - Monday, November 25, 1996 at 19:28:11 (PST)  
I like your web page. I'm planning on buying a 1997 Passat TDI, and would like to get information on longterm use. Consumer Reports says VW still has reliability problems. The nearest VW dealer is about 100 miles away. If you have information on longterm (10yrs or more) reliablity, let me know thanks Mike Neale
Michael F Neale <>
Dothan, Al USA - Tuesday, November 26, 1996 at 12:11:06 (PST)  
I own a 96 Passat TDI and I love it! I am looking for acessories, please let me know of any after market parts available if possible. Great info. The van is my next vehicle.
KNOXVILLE, TN - Tuesday, November 26, 1996 at 19:30:16 (PST)  
I have test driven the Passat TDI and was favorably impressed by its performance and responsiveness. Having owned two Jettas in the past I would very much like to drive the Jetta TDI, but Volkswagen STILL hasn't seen fit to bring it to North America. They're really beginning to agravate me.
Tom Brooks <JRivers804@AOL.COM>
Bremerton, WA USA - Monday, December 02, 1996 at 21:14:09 (PST)  
Nice, very nice! You know more about the tdi than most of the men in my shop! Although all the hipe about the tdi is positive, unless VOA markets the product correctly markets the product correctly it will be a flop. Too many "non-VW" diesel owners are fearfull of a diesel vehicle. They relate the car as noisey, smokes, and lack of power. Voa has a real stock in this car however, with the tdi and concept 1 (beetle), voa wants an 25% increase in units sold over 96. you should expect the tdi in dealer showrooms spring of 97.
Rose Toon <RToon @aol>
alexandria, va usa - Tuesday, December 03, 1996 at 18:00:59 (PST)  
Interested to see your page. I have a new Passat TDI. They
don't seem to be bringing in any more TDIs for 1997.
Apparently they are using the engines in the Sharan.
My wife loves our TDI because she can go on long trips
without worrying about stopping for fuel.
On a recent trip we stopped to fuel-up, and as we
approached the diesel pump, and attendant shock his head,
gesturing at the diesel sign. We persuaded him to give
use diesel, and a few minutes later his boss, a Sikh
gentleman, can running from the office, mustache and arms
waving, concerned that we were putting the wrong fuel
in our vehicle.
Best regards.
--Paul S. Boyer 
Paul S. Boyer <>
Morristown, NJ USA - Friday, December 06, 1996 at 10:18:08 (PST) Very nicely done.My TDI just went over 10K.What a difference from my 81 diesel pickup(which I still have)!
Jim Rossi <JRossi4976@aol,com>
durham, ct usa - Sunday, December 08, 1996 at 18:06:05 (PST)  
I just got a Passat TDI, and I love it. Over 47 MPG and more acceleration than one would expect from 90 hp. Has anyone tried the Neuspeed P-chip? "European Car" magazine loved it.
Mike Adragna <>
Orchard Park, NY USA - Tuesday, December 10, 1996 at 17:07:09 (PST)  
Very nice! Looks like proffesional.
The 110hp diesel is a monster of power!
I would like some more pics of tunned VW TDi's or
just ordinary TDI's i diffrent poses.
You got that thing man...
Marcus Johansson <>
Borgholm, - Sweden - Friday, December 13, 1996 at 01:33:56 (PST)  
Pity poor Volkswagen of America. Their marketing department couldn't have better designed a product launch more frustrating to it's loyal customers than the launch of the Jetta and Golf TDI. Press releases, point of sale brochures and web sites all laud the economy, power and technology of the TDI Jetta/Golf. I'd like to buy one but they aren't available. Why does VoA persist in marketing air? A quick read of Fred's fabulous web site will show the aggrevation that's building among VW enthusiasts. Personally, I've heard from my local VW dealer that availability is "a few months away" for the past year and a half. This web site says December. Though literally not so, "I'm from Missouri!"
Jamie Graham <>
Minneapolis, MN U.S.A. - Saturday, December 14, 1996 at 17:14:15 (PST)  
Good info. I understand we can get the Audi chip in the US to boost the HP up to 110. Any truth?
Jim Colburn <>
Park City, ut usa - Sunday, December 15, 1996 at 19:02:02 (PST)  
I was wandering if anyone has purchased the NEUSPEED p-chip
that adds 12 more hp to the tdi. and if it really does make a
difference in the power without effecting the milage rating?
Thanks for any input.
Bill Hayes <>
Tampa, FL usa - Friday, December 20, 1996 at 23:31:17 (PST)  

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